Things you need to consider when choosing an M&E subcontractor

When you’re planning a construction project the workforce you’re going to employ must be reliable, diligent, and qualified. No matter the size of the project you need to know that you’ll be provided with workers that will keep everything running smoothly. So, when it comes to choosing an M&E sub-contractor there is a lot to consider. Here are a few key things to bear in mind…


You need to know that the personnel provided to you are fully qualified, with in-date certifications to prove this. This ensures that they are adequately skilled to deliver high quality work and that they’re compliant from a health and safety perspective. When choosing an M&E recruitment agency it’s vital you understand the processes they have in place to guarantee that all their workers are qualified. At MEP Resourcing, we obtain copies of all our candidates’ qualification certifications, right to work documentation, and three references before they are assigned to a site. If they don’t pass our internal process, then we do not provide them to any of our clients.  

Health and safety

Health and safety is a top priority for every business, especially when working with electricity, machinery or in any other construction role. It is important you can trust that every single worker your sub-contractor provides has the correct certification for their job. From ECS to CSCS cards, it’s vital they have the correct licenses so you can rest assured that they meet the required industry standards. Ask your sub-contractor how they can assure you that everyone meets the health and safety standards required to do their job. A good sub-contractor will be happy to answer any questions like this.


 Effective communication helps the sub-contractor understand you and the needs of your business. Plus, frank and frequent conversations allow any concerns or any problems to be pinpointed and resolved quickly and efficiently. It is their responsibility to to be clear with you about what they can deliver and what they need from you to do so. Building a good professional relationship will be mutually beneficial, plus, you’ll know you can rely on each other for future projects.

Meeting your budget

Can your sub-contractor meet your budget? Price is obviously important within any industry, but it shouldn’t impact or compromise project delivery or timescale commitments. What’s more, going with the cheapest option could be more costly in the long run. Compare the estimates that you receive and consider if they have the capabilities to overcome any setbacks, still ensuring your project is completed within the timescale you have set. Ask your sub-contractors how they would handle any obstacles, again, a good sub-contractor will be happy to answer your questions. At MEP Resourcing, we understand how important it is to get construction projects completed on time and within budget, which is why we offer all our labour services to our clients on a fixed-price basis. This means you know what you’ll pay from the outset and there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Project history

Previous projects are a great way to get an insight into your sub-contractor’s capabilities. Having a good portfolio demonstrates their reliability and quality of work. We have a page on our website that covers our project history and an online gallery too, so our clients or potential clients can explore our previous projects and find out key information about our service delivery.

If you’re looking for a reliable, trusted, and fixed-price construction and engineering labour sub-contractor, get in touch with us by calling 0151 665 0170 or emailing us at and a member of our team will be happy to help you.