Why becoming an electrician is worth it

Are you an electrician, or considering starting a career as one? We’ve rounded up some of the reasons why being an electrician is a rewarding career choice.

Training and Education

One of the key benefits of becoming an electrician is the learning process. Rather than racking up student debts to get your qualifications, you can get paid while you’re learning your trade!

If you complete an apprenticeship, you’ll not only be able to gain your qualifications, but you’ll also get experience in the role while you’re learning – something that almost all future employers will be looking for.


Of all the trades, electricians typically earn the highest salaries. An electrician can expect to start on an annual salary of around £18,000, increasing with experience and qualifications, often earning more than £40,000 in some roles!

Salaries are also likely to increase further in the future as we approach another electrical evolution.

Electricians are in demand

In the UK we’re currently experiencing a skills shortage, with the demand for electricians much greater than the supply. Recent studies have predicted that we’re going to need a further 15,000 fully qualified electricians over the next five years – so it’s a great time to join this growing, in demand trade!

The future is electric

To meet ambitious climate goals, all appliances and machinery will eventually need to be replaced with clean energy alternatives, such as electricity. To implement these new technologies, old electrical structures will need upgrading and modernizing, creating an even greater demand for electricians in the future.

Varied work environment

As an electrician, the work you do each day and the environment you’re working in can be quite diverse. You can be working on a construction site one day, and at a client’s home carrying out an installation the next. For many electricians, no two days are the same!

An electrician is a great career choice for someone who enjoys problem-solving, paying close attention to detail, and meeting new people.

Employment options

Qualifying as an electrician will provide you with a wide range of career opportunities, including becoming self-employed. Working for yourself is exciting; it enables you to be more flexible, including choose working hours that suit you and your personal life. You also get to decide on your own pricing strategy, and you get to choose what to do with the profits you earn.

Career progression

Once you’ve gained experience you can move into other roles, including electrical design engineering, site or project management, estimating or electrical contracts work.

Another career option is teaching. Since being an electrician is a skilled trade, you don’t need a degree to start teaching in further education. Employers will consider your skills and experience and support you in completing your teacher training, while you’re working for them. Some colleges and training providers will even cover part or all of the course fees too!

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