Why being a plumber is worth it

Are you a plumber or thinking of becoming one? Here are some reasons why being a plumber is an excellent choice of career. If you’re a practical person that likes to combine knowledge with practical skill sets, plumbing is a fantastic job to have.

Quick learning curve

With plumbing, you enter the industry through on-the-job training and some part-time schooling. Instead of years of college and university with thousands being spent on tuition fees, plumbing allows you to be earning money straight away. Normally this is as an apprentice.

Plumber’s salary

Salaries aren’t fantastic as an apprentice but soon after that, they improve considerably. After 4 years training average salaries are £20,000, rising to £30,000 for experienced plumbers. Self-employed plumbers earn the most, charging up to £90 per hour and raking in up to £1,000 per week. Considering the average salary in the UK is £27,600 plumbers are earning above average.

Plumbers are in demand

Plumbers are in demand. The Institute of Plumbing predicted recently that 29,000 plumbers must be recruited in Britain to meet demand. Construction is booming in the UK and as a result, plumbers are in short supply. Construction companies and recruiters nationwide are searching for plumbers and other skilled trades professionals to ensure projects are completed on time.

Employment options for plumbers

Therefore, there is a wide range of employment options for plumbers in the UK. As a plumber you can be self-employed, choosing your own hours and days, working flexibly and choosing jobs you want as well as choosing your own holidays.

You then have construction and maintenance companies who employ plumbers full-time. This can often come with the use of a company van and tools along with steady working hours. This includes the maintenance of properties owned or managed by the company. As a result, some travel will be required, making the job varied.

Plumbers can also work on short and long-term projects through recruitment agencies. This option can benefit plumbers with steady work and decent pay. Some agencies like us offer a completion and loyalty bonus resulting in a big payout at the end of a project.

The future of plumbing

Fewer people are entering the industry, so there is an aging workforce and increased customer demand. A skills shortage looms and as with every supply and demand balance, charge rates and therefore salaries are likely to increase.