Working with an agency – What to know

Working in construction is fast-paced and there’s no doubt that the industry is going through a bit of a boom right now. MEP Resourcing is based in Liverpool and has seen a huge increase in the number of construction jobs in the UK.

That’s why we’re best placed to give advice on the 5 things you can expect when working with a construction agency. It may help you decide on what agencies you use in the future and what a good level of service looks like.

Industry insight

Choosing an agency with absolute knowledge of the industry is key. As a project manager or the decision maker when it comes to hiring staff, your time is precious which is why having a recruitment partner that understands your needs are so important. A good agency will have a team of consultants that have wide-ranging knowledge of the industry and a distinct understanding of the requirements of all the various roles in the construction sector.


Consultants are there to provide the best available staff, but using them to gain a greater understanding of the market can help you plan for the future. Summertime is usually a lot busier for construction so by working with a consultant that is able to provide an accurate assessment of the available talent pool, you can begin to plan your workforce requirements more effectively and in advance.

Bespoke services

Sometimes, projects can be specialist and that means a bespoke service is required. A good construction agency will be able to provide a flexible solution, finding the most appropriate staff as well as working out the finer, additional details of the project. MEP provides a bespoke service to numerous small and large clients throughout the UK, ask us today about how we can provide a specialist construction recruitment solution for you.

Dedicated account management

One of the most difficult parts of construction recruitment is organising so many temporary employees. Couple that with an extra handful of people at an agency and you’ll find that most of your time is spent doing tasks outside of your job role. The last thing you want to do is to be speaking to more people at an agency, especially if you’re trying to get simple questions answered. A good agency will supply you with a dedicated account manager that will manage the process for you, allowing you to return to the tasks that are important to you.

Access to the best candidates

MEP has been operating for many years throughout the UK and has built up an extensive knowledge of what makes up a good candidate. In fact, we have a pool of candidates we can rely on and trust to do a good job. When working with an agency, you want to be safe in the knowledge that the staff that are working on your projects are qualified, committed, vetted and good at what they do.